3 Accident Prevention Tips That Truck Drivers Should be Trained In

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An 18-wheeler no doubt does way more damage than a car in crash. Drivers who aren’t trained to handle these giant behemoths on the road can get into accidents in which they may come out unscathed, but that might not be the case for the other driver. Workplace accident lawyers represent truck drivers who are caught in accidents because of a lack of training or supervisor negligence.

Importance of Defensive Driver Training

Truck drivers who are trained to drive defensively can avoid accidents because they are constantly on the lookout for potential hazards and changes in road or driving conditions. Some of the things they are trained in include the following:

  1. Driving at a reasonable speed – A speed limit is the maximum speed at which a driver is allowed to drive on a certain stretch of road. While trucks should remain well below that limit, drivers should also know how to adjust speed in bad weather or any other condition that can result in unsafe conditions.
  2. Planning ahead – A big part of being a truck driver involves making deliveries on time in new and old destinations. Drivers who are trained to familiarize themselves with routes beforehand can avoid serious accidents. A GPS is great for mapping, but the tool can take an untrained driver’s attention off the road easily.
  3. Watching for blind spots – A large truck has more blind spots than smaller vehicles. Most accidents occur when drivers are changing lanes and fail to spot oncoming motorists. An untrained driver may rely on the rear and side view mirrors overly much which can lead to an accident. What they should be trained to do is to look over their shoulders and out the windows when they are changing lanes and leave plenty of space for other vehicles.

If you are a truck driver who was involved in an accident while making deliveries because of a lack of training, you deserve compensation from your employers. If that is denied, get in touch with our lawyers for work accident today. We have represented thousands of clients and can help you get the compensation you deserve as well.


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