3 Top Signs That You Should Hire A Worker Compensation Lawyer

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There were over 2.8 million workplace injuries and diseases reported in 2019 in the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is how common such incidents are and why worker’s compensation is a blessing for employees. However, while the process for getting those benefits is clear-cut, getting them is another matter.

Here are some incidents that should prompt you to hire work accident lawyers immediately:

1.    Your Employer Retaliates Against You

Your employer may not take kindly to you for asking for compensation following an accident for several reason. In any case, if he/she retaliates against you, you have every right to hire workplace accident lawyers. Here is some of the discriminatory ways that your boss may try to get back at you for asking for compensation:

  • Excluding you from company events.
  • Failing to give you a bonus when everyone else receives it.
  • Making sure you are left out of important meetings.
  • Demoting you or limiting your chances of getting a promotion.


2.    The Offered Settlement Amount Cannot Cover All Of Your Losses


Some insurance companies do everything in their power to reduce the cost of compensation payments so they can line their own pockets. That is why they will probably offer a lower amount that what your injuries and losses merit.

At this point, a worker’s compensation lawyer can investigate your claim and ensure they give you the full amount you deserve and more if possible.

3.    You Are Partially Or Completely Disabled

Whether you are partially or totally disabled because of the workplace accident, your chances of earning a good income are severely compromised. As such, you should be eligible for more compensation than you think. It is one of the reasons why insurance companies quake in the face of disability payments. They will do everything in their power to reduce your claim, but this can be prevented if you a team of experienced work accident lawyers in your corner.

Whether you broke your wrist or are completely paralyzed because of a workplace accident, getting compensation benefits should not be a chore for you. Get in touch with our lawyers if your employer refuses to cooperate.

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