What You Need To Know About Occupational Diseases

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While most people associate worker’s compensation insurance with workplace injuries, the insurance also covers occupational diseases. Here is what lawyers for work accident can tell you about them.

Occupational Diseases vs. Occupational Injuries


An occupational injury is an injury that an employee sustains in a workplace accident that results in physical harm. For example, if a worker’s arm is caught in an industrial machine, or slips and falls on the factory floor because of a spillage that wasn’t cleaned up in time, the employee can claim compensation.

An occupational disease is an illness that an employee develops because of consistent or prolonged exposure to something in the workplace. This can be anything from asbestos to coal dust to toxic chemicals. These diseases usually manifest because of a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) and training that point to neglect.

Top Industries That Are Prone To Occupational Diseases



Miners are exposed to dust and toxins in mines which they are constantly inhaling if they are not given PPE such as face masks. This can cause silicosis which in time can develop into deadly infections such as tuberculosis. Other diseases that unprotected miners are prone to include chronic obstructive lung disease and even cancer.


Agriculture drives substantial growth, but unprotected farm hands and other agricultural workers are constantly exposed to toxins in the form of pesticides and insecticides. The former for instance can cause blisters, eye infections, diarrhea and rashes. With prolonged exposure, workers can even develop cancer and may even lose their sight permanently.

Paint Manufacturing

Workers who work in pain factories are constantly exposed to volatile organic compounds. With consistent exposure, these can cause cancer and toxic encephalopathy. Common side effects that point to over-exposure include nausea, dizziness, headaches and loss of coordination. While these conditions can take years to develop, that doesn’t mean employers are not liable for failing to protect their workers.

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