What You Should Do After You Suffer A Workplace Injury

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Crutches and a broken leg
A man in a cast

You can easily lose sight of what’s important after you suffer a workplace injury. The pain and shock can make the situation distressing and confusing. While you can get compensated through worker compensation, your employer may not be as cooperative as you think.

Work accident lawyers will tell you that in order to increase your chances of getting compensation, you should follow these tips after you get into an accident in the workplace:

1.    Report the Injury Properly

Report the accident to HR as soon as possible or ask a colleague to do it for you if your condition prevents this. Plus, make sure that you include all of the relevant details of the accident in the claim form for your employer to review. This includes the date of the injury and a description of the incident. If you don’t, the insurance company that handles and provides workers compensation for the organization may deny your claim.

2.    Let Your Healthcare Provider Know You Suffered A Workplace Injury

When you head to the doctor for treatment post accident, make sure you inform him/her that your injury was the result of a work related accident. Additionally, make sure your medical records mention the visit for future reference.

3.    Take Photo and Video Evidence

Work accident lawyers recommend photo and video evidence since it can act as undeniable proof of an accident. Specifically, take picture of the site of the accident along with the injuries you sustained. Record a video from multiple angles as well so that the judge can have a complete account of your condition and the conditions that lead to your injuries.

4.    Keep a Record of Expenses

Depending on the injuries you sustain in the workplace, you may be out for the count for weeks or even months. That means you will be without a source of income and may not be able to support yourself. Make a note of that amount and the medical expenses you had to take care of so you can be compensated for both. This includes promotions and bonuses that you miss out on while you were recuperating.

The more documentation and proof you have, the easier it will be for workplace accident lawyers to win your case in case your employer refuses to cooperate. Find experienced and qualified work accident lawyers at Work Accident Lawyers.